Turkey leftovers

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Does anyone have a nice recipe for the dark meat leftover from the turkey? Thinking of what to make on Boxing Day.


OverlordNick 1419964361

If I didn't have a bad homemade curry on boxing day my Christmas wouldn't be complete.

Kat kit 1420032569

This time of year make a think gravy and put it together with the shredded turkey in a pie. MMMmmm. You want a good easy pastry recipe? I can post it up if you like.

Virmouth 1420116022

I didn't want to curry it so just had it in salads in the end.

What's your pastry recipe Kit Kat?

Kat kit 1420543937

Okay it's dead simple. You just need normal flour, olive oil, milk pepper and salt (and any other herbs you might happen to love - mine is oregano which is great if you put something tomatoey in the filling).

Put any amount of flour in a bowl with the condiments and herbs, add splashes of olive oil at a time until it begins to bind together. When you've got a tough ball start adding milk and working that in until you get a pastry consistency. Roll and done.

Makes great little pastries.

Another idea for leftovers is to use the meat and potatoes and turn them into samosas using filo pastry. Great served with mint and cucumber yoghurt.

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