Hamburg is set to become an international centre for structural research

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Hamburg is going to a have another Max Planck Institute, the Max Planck Society announced today in an English press release. The Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter emerges from the highly successful MPG Research Group for Structural Dynamics at the University of Hamburg. This resolution is subject to the approval of the Hamburg Parliament. Read all about the new Institute here: The new Max Planck Institute will consist of five departments, four of them experimental and one with a theoretic orientation, along with an MPG Research Group. Provisionally, there will be about 120 permanent staff positions at the new Institute. Hamburg was the sole candidate site for the new Institute because of the long history of reseach at DESY and University of Hamburg, and because of access to high-performance light sources: in Germany, these are currently available only in Hamburg.      


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