Linux recommendations

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Does anyone run Linux?? If so, what 'flavour' are you running?


Partridge 1446555414

I use Ubuntu 14. Pleasure to use. Also run it alongside Windows on one machine so that I can choose which operating system to boot into.

AllyPallyMally 1446639533

That's an interesting concept. Easy to set up and use?

OverlordNick 1446738256

Mint, Elementary, Ubuntu, Fedora.

All very usable.

AllyPallyMally 1446809631

Thanks for the replies. Which one do you use and why, please?

Virmouth 1448493375

I use Windows. Why do people switch to Linux??

Partridge 1448574774

Hi there!

Well for me it's the fact that it's unlikely to contract viruses, is completely open source and is really customisable.

It's the basis for Android and OSX (well not technically but they have similar origins) and will be the furture of operating systems.

I've got a program called 'Plank' running which emulates the OSX dock at the bottom of the screen.

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