Olympic bid

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Hi all, As a foreginer living in Hamburg, am I eligible to cast my vote as to whether we should bother bidding for the Olympics in November?


OverlordNick 1434724875

I believe Hamburg residents are eligible to cast their vote.

Virmouth 1434976600

So I'll be able to have my say?

Placebo 1435582539

Which way would you go if you get to cast a vote on the matter? Do you think it's a good thing?

Kat kit 1436431108

If I got a say I'd vote Yes! It would be amazing to have the world visit Hamburg and northern Germany!

Kat kit 1448891334

Gutted that the Hamburgers and Hamburgerin voted against the olympics. Would have put this marvellous city on the world map.

Virmouth 1450880530

I'm glad common sense has prevailed with this.

I look at Athens since 2004 and I cringe.


Malcolm-903619 1452608933

Germany would be a lot better at organising and not stealing money than the Greeks were. :-)

London doesn't seem to be bankrupt now and the house prices over there have sky-rocketed since.

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