Surface Book

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Has Microsoft blatently copied Apple with their Surface Book? Would you consider buying one over a Mac Book Pro?


OverlordNick 1444295753

I'd take it over a Macbook Pro only because it has a dedicated GPU (I like the odd game!). However, because I like the odd game, I wouldn't rely on either of them!

Virmouth 1444390064

I'm not sure who this is actually aimed at. It's a shame Microsoft don't reopen their proposed Courier Tab software and offer it on something like this.

AllyPallyMally 1444990936

I thought Apple copied Microsoft with their latest iPad with the keyboard?

All very confusing.

Virmouth 1446129407

Are you getting one then? Because if you are, I'd be interested to find out how you get on.

Virmouth 1451518750

Did you get one in the end?

OverlordNick 1451578707

I would suggest you speng half the money and get yourself a decent Dell laptop.

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