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I need to improve my German, but I don't live in Hamburg - any recommendations for a school in Bucholz or area?

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Do you have experience with landlords and dogs? Can I have a pet in my flat?

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Hi everybody, where can I find oversized shoes (European 48)? Thank you

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Hi, I am looking for university courses in Germany. What are the cost of living in Hamburg? How much do I need as a student? Thanks for your help Masha

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Drive carefully! More snow expected tomorrow. Did you have problems this morning?

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There are more than 9500 foreign students in Hamburg. Science senator Dr. Dorothea Stapelfeldt invited some of them to a festive reception at Hamburg Rathaus yesterday. Are you a foreign student? Where do you come from? What's your tip about studying in Hamburg?

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Hamburg is going to a have another Max Planck Institute, the Max Planck Society announced today in an English press release. The Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter emerges from the highly successful MPG Research Group for Structural Dynamics at the University of Hamburg. This resolution is subject to the approval of the Hamburg Parliament. Read all about the new Institute here: http://www.mpg.de/6645591/new_institute_Hamburg. The new Max Planck Institute will consist of five departments, four of them experimental and one with a theoretic orientation, along with an MPG Research Group. Provisionally, there will be about 120 permanent staff positions at the new Institute. Hamburg was the sole candidate site for the new Institute because of the long history of reseach at DESY and University of Hamburg, and because of access to high-performance light sources: in Germany, these are currently available only in Hamburg.      

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First Mayor Olaf Scholz today inaugurated the new underground train connection to Hafen City. After a  construction time of 5 years, the newly built U4 now connects Jungfernstieg in the heart of the City with the new borough Hafen City. Some 35 000 passengers daily are expected. Tomorrow, Hamburg people can test the new line, on December 9, traffic will start with a regular timetable.  

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Last week I was asked by an American young woman if she could study in English at Hamburg Universities. I did some research and found a very helpful list of English language master and bachelor degree courses published by the Public Authority for Science and Research (Behörde für Wissenschaft und Forschung) in Hamburg. The list has a variety of University courses from Biomedical Engineering (Master Program at HAW) via Insurance Law as a Master Course at the Hamburg University to Technology Management and Engineering at the Northern Institute of Technology or Tibetan Studies at the University of Hamburg. More information about Universities that teach in English and the courses at the Universities and Schools, in the list of schools here.      

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Tomorrow, Christmas markets will open all over town and in the region. Read our new blog post by ck.

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468 electricity companies will raise electricity prices for private housholds by January 1, 2013. This reports the web portal Verivox here. In Hamburg, Vattenfall (the biggest electricity company in Hamburg) announced a rise of 12,9 percent on Friday. Recommendation of the central for cosumer protection: Compare prices (for Hamburg here) and eventually change company.

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The City of Hamburg announced today that the winter emergency programme for the homeless is going to start tomorrow. This means 160 additional beds at Spaldingstraße 1 and 92 additional places in containers at church communities and universities. More staff will cousel the homeless from Eastern Europe in their language (at Besenbinderhof 62).

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We hope all AngloINFO users and their families living on the US East Coast  are well - we feel with you and hope you can get back to normal soon! AngloINFO Hamburg.

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What do you give to kids at your door on Halloween?

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Hi,   I heared, that I have to visit Fischmarkt as well, what are the opening hours and the best time to go there?

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My daughter (21) is taking European Economics and Languages at University in Rennes. She would like to find a fellow student, a fluent German speaker to help with her German studies. My daugher speaks French and English fluently and is also studying Chinese. Is there another student out there who needs to improve their French and would like to becaome a kind of study partner/pen pal?

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can anyone recommend a place to buy shoes? I'm not familiar with the stores or the brands, equivilent to 9-west would be great.

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I hadn't realised it was today until I came across this nice little blog post. Just thought I'd share http://somewhereintheworldtoday.tumblr.com

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