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Is there a German site that does voucher codes and gives deals / discounts for various companies?

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1447857448 · posted: 1441793166

When is the next public holiday? I need a long weekend away somewhere. Does Hamburg fly to anywhere interesting / exotic?

started by: Placebo · last update: 1447284193 · posted: 1445341693

Anyone done any distance learning from Hamburg? Along the lines of the Open University. Are there distance learning workshops or is there the ability to take a degree in Hamburg in English if you're in the Third Age? :-) Appreciate the advice.

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What brought you to Germany (and in particular Hamburg)? Are you going to stay long term or do you have your sights set on leaving at some point? My husband and I took a holiday in a camper van across Belgium, Holland and northern Germany. We were heading to Denmark but didn't get there as Hamburg captured us immediately! What about you?

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Are there English-speaking florists that anyone knows of please?

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Has anyone done this on their laptop? If so, what were the pitfalls? I'm a bit worried as my operating system (Win 7) is in German so I have that added hurdle to cross. I've bought a solid state drive after my son told me to, but now I don't really know what to do.

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Does Cortana work in Germany?

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Hi all, Does anyone know when the QM2 is stoppign in Hamburg next please???

started by: AllyPallyMally · last update: 1445245334 · posted: 1444639230

Does anyone host through Air BnB? How much does it cost and do you get many enquiries? Appreciate your feedbck.

started by: Placebo · last update: 1444902478 · posted: 1443702440

Does anybody do anything for a little bit of extra income online? I was looking at the German equivalent of something like Shopandscan in the UK.

started by: Yulia-958930 · last update: 1444727287 · posted: 1442305880

Is there such a thing as a solar powered smart phone?

started by: JDH2015 · last update: 1444051813 · posted: 1443523563

Hi Could anyone recommend a German language course for beginners in Hamburg.  I have been using an online system which has enabled me to make myself understood, a little, but I am really struggling to understand responses. I think it's time I worked with real people!  Thank you.

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Is this possible in Germany? Someone has told be that I should root my tablet. Good idea?

started by: Placebo · last update: 1443100982 · posted: 1438779120

So, apparently its here now. I've not got it but I think I should. What have you guys done? Is it good?

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Can anyone tell me please roughly how many daylight hours there are in the middle of November? What time does the sun set in the evening in northern Germany?

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Cheap ink supplier wanted please!!! For a HP Photosmart printer / scanner / copier.

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I would like recommendations for removal companies operating between Frankfurt and Hamburg please. Anyone any experience?

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Where's the bet place to buy discount electronics please?

started by: Alfred-913267 · last update: 1439307211 · posted: 1438075003

I'm not very technically minded and have resisted a mobile phone for several years. However, now it's become apparent that I do actually need one. Can anyone recommend a good telephone to get for someone like me and also a network provider? Thanks.

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Is there a list somewhere of free wifi hotspots across the city? Thanks.

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