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Is there a list somewhere of free wifi hotspots across the city? Thanks.

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1438349954 · posted: 1437642350

Anyone know of a good TEFL/TESOL college where they can provides work afterward the completion of the course?

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1436532593 · posted: 1435657459

Do you have to have a licence to own an air pistol or air rifle in Germany?

started by: Virmouth · last update: 1435154933 · posted: 1434638447

Just thought other Hamburger and Hamburgerin might be interested in this article that was in The Telegraph recently about this great city. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destination/160178/A-weekend-break-in...-Hamburg.html

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Okay, I'm super excited about seeing that George RR Martin is coming to Hamburg in just over a week's time. We've got to get him to write that final book before the Hollywood writing teams of douchebags get hold of it and write it for him. If they do that, GoT will be the biggest anti-climax of all time.

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Do you have a recommendation for advertising a room for rent Hamburg? Ideally to travellers or holiday makers.

started by: dusty362 · last update: 1433026423 · posted: 1433026423

I am not the point of contact.  The Royal British Legion Bergen-Hohne Branch can be found in Shed 'E', Von Steuben Strasse, 29303 Bergen, Germany, we are located right next door to the Red & White Football Club   For further information e-mail: membershipsecretaryrblbergenho@googlemail.com    ow.ly/NqGbF

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Does anyone know of a place where I can go and have a ring measured and re-sized please? English-speaking preferred.  Thanks!

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1431425769 · posted: 1426806448

I thought Europe celebrated Father's Day today, but here in Hamburg it seems to have passed unnoticed. Is this usual?

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1431334349 · posted: 1430256293

This is a good little article about someone that visited Hamburg and seemed to love it. http://www.hinckleytimes.net/news/local-news/travel-times-hamburg-perfect-place-9104188

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Hi ladies! :-) Can I ask you what your favourite perfume scent is please? Thanks

started by: Placebo · last update: 1430170533 · posted: 1428661077

I'm just starting to get my head around Linux but am struggling somewhat. Can anyone recommend an online tutorial / group that can help me overcome my struggles. Thanks.

started by: dusty362 · last update: 1428916572 · posted: 1428688730

Malcolm Greer will be cycling to Paris hoping to raise money for the Poppy Appeal Benevolent Fund and help people in need.  Please support Malcolm.  Details can be found at the following link: http://ow.ly/KZxmT

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I see Hamburger SV have been fined for the actions of that idiot attacking Ribery the other day. Goes from bad to worse...

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1428310147 · posted: 1427224664

Terrible, terrible news about the plane crash in the Alps earlier. I only saw it this evening after I got in. Do they know what caused it yet?

started by: dusty362 · last update: 1426965669 · posted: 1426965669

On 28 March 2015, Herford Branch will be holding its final function in its premises in Wentworth Barracks, Liststr Herford, before moving outside of the wire.  For further information contact Pete Wood, rblherford@outlook.com, Tel: 0159 03553734

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Dear all, I was just informed that Elbkinder Kitas will be on strike next Monday(23rd). I fear most Kitas will be closed. Have a nice evening though, Tinka

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Can anyone tell me where I might buy a page-a-day desk calendar in Hamburg please? Thanks. (If it's in English that's even better!)

started by: Virmouth · last update: 1426525100 · posted: 1422265267

So with the victory of the anti-austerity party in the Greek elections, what's going to happen in the rest of Europe? Will Spain follow and do you think the AfD here will do well in the future too?

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Is there an agency that specialises in finding work for English speakers here in Hamburg? What sort of work would be available for someone of advancing years that doesn't speak much German?

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