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Thinking of visiting your fine city. What should I pack in the way of clothes?

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1424776043 · posted: 1424298503

Not at all the weather for it, but where is the nearest public sandy beach to Hamburg, please?

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1424692906 · posted: 1423865925

My son and his fiancée are busy planning their wedding but are unsure as to a location. I've suggested that they get married or at least have a blessing in Northern Germany. I would like to be able to show them some magical places (a castle or something lovely like that) so that they seriously consider it. Can someone recommend an English speaking wedding planner that might have some wonderful places like this on their books? Thanks!

started by: Maria-970680 · last update: 1424169326 · posted: 1414403154

Hi Guys, this year my parents are coming to visit over Christmas, so my husband and I won't be travelling as usual or going to his family's house in Brandenburg. However, the thought of the four of us having dinner in my flat, that we've had to cook sounds a little depressing. I was wondering if any of you could recomend a restaurant that is open on the night of the 24th, and has some sort of christmas dinner event, maybe music or something. Thank you!

started by: Placebo · last update: 1424078969 · posted: 1422377267

Are you using a VPN here in Germany and do you get speed drops when you connect through it? Would love to hear the name of your supplier if you don't. Thanks.  

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1423229155 · posted: 1418125082

Is anyone else beginning to feel very uneasy watching these Pegida marches in cities across Germany? Personally I don't think this sort of thing has any place in 2014.

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1422873577 · posted: 1417781167

Does anyone have any experience on receiving post from China (China Mail). How long did it take to arrive, please?

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1422272329 · posted: 1421225717

Can anyone recommend a strong glue that I can nuy here in Germany that acts like Araldite?

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1421158493 · posted: 1420632867

Do they have the equivalent of the Samaritans in Germany?

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1419333941 · posted: 1418907956

Going back to th UK for 2 weeks in January. Can anyone recommend a pay as you go sim for my phone while I'm over there?

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1419333848 · posted: 1419240343

Is there a season ticket (Oyster Card-type) system in Hamburg for the buses and trains?

started by: dusty362 · last update: 1419174906 · posted: 1419174906

All welcome.  Please book in advance for catering purposes: http://i.imgur.com/wqPqbHb.jpg   The Royal British Legion Fallingbostel-Heide Branch is at: Am Dammfeld 14, 29693 Ahlden. The Meet and Greet, Conference, and Standard Bearers' Competition is at the Kurhaus: Full details of the weekend activities can be found in the Admin Instruction: https://drive.google.com/.../0BxrNQumwNcRqWXFSeDN.../view.... The iHub can be found at the following link:https://drive.google.com/folderview... 

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When do the winter high street sales start in Germany?

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Hello  I am looking to move over to my Germany girlfriend around March . I am a time served carpenter I have work in France for three year and I work for three Germany roofing company last summer but this was only sort term and in different areas  I am looking for percent work in hamburg but I would be intersed in looking  into setting up looking for private work as well  I am skilled in all type off carpenter and joinery Can any one advise as how to find work in hamburg sort term or full  time  Thanks     

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1418735069 · posted: 1418421484

Not that I'm a voyeur or anything :-) but are there any interesting webcams in Hamburg set up in public places? I'm thinking one that may be looking at Christmas lights, or another that is watching the animals at the zoo? Does anyone know of interesting ones?

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1417697331 · posted: 1417624697

Can anyone point me in the direction of a Christmas tree supplier? I would like a real one please.

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1417425342 · posted: 1414697545

Does anyone have any more information on the strikes? Is there any more strike action planned by the rail unions does anyone know? Don't want to book rail tickets for two weeks time only to find there's disruption to the service.

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1417043267 · posted: 1416928887

Is this bloke a nutter!? http://metro.co.uk/2014/11/24/life-on-mars-was-destroyed-by-nuclear-attack-says-physicist-and-we-could-be-next-4960673/

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Possibly a stupid question, but does anyone have an idea where I might be able to buy a pair for cutting fabric?

started by: Placebo · last update: 1416218372 · posted: 1416218372

Need a shop that sells posh hats for ladies. Can someone tell me where I could go to buy one please?

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