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Does anyone know when Amazon echo is due to be released in Europe?

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Is there a shuttle bus from a city location to the airport? I don't want to take the train  and would prefer a private company as I will be carrying a few cases of luggage. Thanks.

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Having never been he for Christmas before I'm wondering where the Christmas markets are held, if there are any?

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Are there any Catholic Churches in Hamburg?

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How much would I expect to pay to rent a small office in the centre of the city? I would like a central location but realise that probably comes at a price. I would probably need three workstations, a kitchen and restroom.

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Hi there! I'm a recently new addition to the Hamburg community having moved here form Sydney in July. I'm starting to get a bit sick of my own company and am looking for ways to meet people! If you find you're in the same boat, get in touch...perhaps we could meet for a coffee or wine!  Or if you can recomend any good ways to make firends in this place...I'd be happy to hear! I work in a small company so work friend options are a bit limited! Cheers, Cerissa PS. I'm in my mid 30's!  

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Is there a service that takes part loads to and from the UK from this area? I want about a 1/4 of a container's worth of stuff bringng over.

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Are the World Champions going to qualify for the European Championships? Are Scotland and the RoI going to knock them out!? What do you think?

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Royal British Legion Bergen-Hohne Branch Christmas Fair in aid of the Poppy Appeal Benevolent Fund.  Helping people in need.  For more information e-mail: info@kk-billard.de:  http://i.imgur.com/jkzU23a.jpg.  Venue.  Royal British Bergen-Hohne Branch: Shed 'E', Von Steuben Strasse, 29303 Bergen.

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Royal British Legion, Bergen-Hohne Remembrance Dinner: All welcome: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrNQumwNcRqVGNFdjZMc3FKSmc/edit?usp=sharing   just a note to inform you all that we will be holding our Annual Remembrance Dinner Night this year once again in the WOs & Sgts’ Mess 32 Engineer Regiment in Hohne.   Date is Saturday 22nd November from 19.00 hrs. Dress : Gentlemen Black tie/Dinner suit/Dark suit and tie. Ladies: long gown/dress/trouser suit. Mess dress for those who wish to wear it.   Menu will be announced nearer the time, with veggie/vegan options and the evening will take the form of a formal Dinner Night-with comfort breaks- and then we will retire to the Cellar Bar for further drinks and entertainment. Anyone may attend, no matter what rank, unit or nationality. This is a Legion night, not military.   Some accommodation is available on a first come, first served basis. Price around 35,00€ pp   This was a wonderful evening last year, and will be again. Not to be missed!     Keith Orton 0171 270 3120 info@kk-billard.de  

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AngloINFO is offering you the chance to win over €1500 worth of goodies from The British Corner shop (stocks products from other nations too): Just send a funny, heartwarming or surprising picture of something that reminds you of home (doesn't have to be food) to the Facebook or Twitter account and you could be in with a chance of winning. More details here: http://hamburg.angloinfo.com/competition And Youtube video for inspiration can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys7nE-HVr7k What reminds you of home most?

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 To all our members and users, We’re aware that many of you are experiencing difficulties in accessing the site or using it as you normally would, and for this we sincerely apologise. We’re undertaking a number of upgrades to the site that in the long-term will make the site faster and more reliable than it’s ever been, but in doing so, we’re experiencing some short-term disruptions to service. We know this is frustrating and we’re sorry. Without our loyal members and users, there would be no AngloINFO. Do bear with us while we make these essential upgrades, and we’ll soon be up and running faster and better than before. The AngloINFO Team

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking man and van service?

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Just seen the new 'Property' section on the site and I'm mightily impressed with how it looks. Much less clunky than what other websites are offering.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a 4G (or LTE) carrier that offers unlimted data in Hamburg? Not sure if they exist but you never know...

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Where can I go to get a bargain on he new iPhone 6 in Hamburg?

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What on earth will the next set of ridiculous rules be? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28878432

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Hey guys Wonder if you can help me. I'm flying into Hamburg via London from Vancouver for an extended European vacation / adventure. My main question is how long can I stay on a tourist visa in Germany? Other questions include: Where are the best places to stay on a budget? What's the cheapest method of public transport around Germany? Can I hire a car with my Canadian driving permit? If you had 5 days in Hamburg, what would you do? Thanks guys!!!!

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BF(G) Fun Run, Tel 0049 5254 4208 or email: jimgriffiths839@hotmail.co.uk  more info at the following link: http://t.co/dv076aXMXd

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Where is the biggest and best market in Hamburg (I'm talking cheap clothes, fruit, veg, cheap plastic toys made in China that sort of thing)? Many thanks. Oh, and what days?

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