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Has anyone seen Nymphomaniac (either 1 or 2)? I see it's in the film guide today and wondered if anyone had been to see it. Would you recommend it?

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Hi everyone We're thinking of visiting your wonderful part of the world this summer and wondered which areas you would recommend to stay in (and which to avoid, if any). Thanks!

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I'm glad to see Germany is keeping its head while all around seem to be losing theirs. I can understand the frustration, but is voting for extremist parties really in the interest of the individual countries?

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Max Eichholz Ring school in Bergedorf (http://hamburg.angloinfo.com/af/250/schools-and-international-schooling.html#6505) is one of few public primary schools offering immersive english classes. Their charity run will be held on Wednesday 28th May at Wilhelm-Lindemann-Sportplatz, Binnenfeldredder in Hamburg-Lohbrügge. The donation will be split between the friends' of the school association for schoolyard facilities and the non profit associaton rufaro e.V. . Rufaro e.V. supports the Mukaera Primary School in Zimbabwe. (Their homepage http://rufaro.de is in German only.) You can choose to support one pupil - the amount is limited to 5 € per pupil and lap around the soccer field (400 metres) - or donate a lump sum. Please contact us per email MER-Spendenlauf2014@web.de for banking details. Katharina Lehmann forSCHULVEREIN Max-Eichholz-Ring e.V.Hamburg-Lohbruegge

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Does anyone use the Amazon Kindle app on a basic tablet? Is it much the same as using a Kindle?

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Trip to Auschwitz: Bergen-Hohne RBL.  Details at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrNQumwNcRqQmhRX0xLLXRIaEE/edit?usp=sharing

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Anyone else go to the Eurovision party that was on Saturday night? Did the right country win, do you think?

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Is there any english bricklayers working in germany

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Hello everyone! How is situation in Germany now? I am currently living in Cyprus but my wish is to go and settle my life in Germany. How is life there? Is it quite  easy to find job? Thank you in advance, Raima

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Looking into the feasibility of forming a Royal British Legion Branch in Hannover:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsRBLHannover/ . You don’t need to be ex-forces or British to become a member. You only have to support the aims and objects.  

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About two weeks ago I was told in our pharmacy that these tablets are currently not available and they even could not tell me when they will be again. I found out that you can still get them at the "Mütterberatung". This is the link to find the nearest center and the opening hours: http://www.hamburg.de/behoerdenfinder/hamburg/11262466/

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University Graduate with B2B & B2C sales proffesional experience recently moved to Hamburg seeking native english speaking job, any help greatly apreciated.

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No Need to Say Goodbye.  The Poppy Girls: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/10397241/Five-service-schoolgirls-form-Poppy-Girls-appeal.html

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AngloINFO Hamburg  raffle :The winner of 2 International Garden Show tickets is David - we sent you an e-mail, please get into contact with AngloINFO Hamburg

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Royal British Legion Germany Annual Conference and Reunion Weekend at the Divisional Conference Centre Herford.  Tel: 05250 937328 for more info: http://ow.ly/oHTuL  

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I just saw a video about Cycling in Kopenhagen - wow! What do you think about cycling in Hamburg? Do you feel comfortable? Are there enough bikeways? Or do rather walk and get around by bus and train?

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What is your favourite place in Hamburg in Summer? What's your most loved activity? Join the discussion and post here your personal Number One Hamburg Summer Best and win 2 x 2 tickets to the premier of the  English comedy show "Costa del Love" by Nickelodeon, at Fliegende Bauten on July 2nd. More details here. And now I am curious: What do you like about Hamburg in summer?

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When do school holidays start? Are they the same everywhere in the north of Germany?

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Savoy cinema is going to open next week (read blog post) What do you like better: Original version or original with subtitles (OmU)?

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Has anybody seen a flooding in Hamburg in the last years? is there any danger? I am living in Altona

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