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Hi,  I'm looking to move to Hamburg in June and I just wondered if there was an ex-pat community in Hamburg that regulalrly get together??  Obviously I want to get involved in German life!! But it would also be good to make contact with fellow Englishmen/women! Thanks  

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I've read when you register at the town hall you need passport and a copy of lease/rent agreement etc in order to get your registration card.  If your living with family/friends is a covering letter from them enough to confirm your address?? Thanks very much!  

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I'm in negotiations right now for a job in Hamburg. I have a few questions about the city though and hope someone can shed some light. What's the night life like? I'm not really one for clubs but do love good food and wine and live music (jazz, blues). Are there some areas of the city that are better for others in this regard? I hear there are some rreally rough areas of the city and hope to find a place in a nice part of town with some good restaurants and galleries/museums. Can anyone offer up some good locations for that? Thanks.

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Finally the snow is gone! I would like to start running in Hamburg, do you know a good place to go jogging?

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Been offered a job in Hamburg. I am currently in Bonn which I quite like. Is Hamburg worth the move or should I stay put?

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I get loads of junk mail stuffed in my letter box each week which is a problem for me as I am away for long periods of time. Is there any service that I can approach to reduce the amount of junk? Most of it seems to be just fliers and newspapers from the local furniture stores and supermarkets, but there is an increasing amount of stuff being posted also.

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I have heard of flea markets where we can get second hand clothes in Berlin . Do you know any in Hamburg? I want to get some cheap household stuff.

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Do you have a resolution for 2013? I want to go running regularly - but to make it a bit easier, I've decided to stay at home if temperature is below 5 Celsius.

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I saw the cebit is coming up - is it worth a visit? has anybody here been there last year?

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Any chance to see the super bowl in American TV broadcast here in Hamburg? Where do you go?

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The Hamburg Staatsoper is looking for new singers to join the extra opera choir: alto, tenor and bass singers. You can register for the audition with christian.guenther@staatsoper-hamburg.de If you had several years of singing education adn choir experience (see also our blog).

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The U.S. Citizen Services in Germany warn about recent phishing scam asking for personal information or even copies ot passports, purportly from IRS. Do not reply to these mails - the IRS does not send e-mails asking for information. More on the IRS website here.

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Where can I get rid of my Christmas tree?

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I could do a "Mini-job" at a restaurant. What does this mean? Does this make sense for me (I am a student at TUH)?

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Where's the best place in Hamburg to see the fireworks on New Year's Eve?

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... rather use public transport on New Year's Eve - here are all the details about the Holiday Timetable: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/hamburg-news-in-brief/2012/12/27/the-hvv-holiday-timetable-on-new-years-eve-and-new-year/

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.. but be careful on German Autobahn - read the new post by CK "Driving home for Chrismas": http://blogs.angloinfo.com/life-off-the-autobahn/2012/12/23/driving-home-for-christmas-caution/

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Where can I find party supply? I am planning the 50th birthday for my husband and I want to decorate for a theme party - not sure what exactly, perhaps the 20s? Do you have any experiences? That would help a lot! Thank you.

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Opening times of Campus Center, the service point of Hamburg University: Closed on December 24 and 31, open on December 27 and 28, 2012.  

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I need to improve my German, but I don't live in Hamburg - any recommendations for a school in Bucholz or area?

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