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For a friend. Anyone know a good English-speaking marriage councellor please? Thanks

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1444176359 · posted: 1441793242

Good morning everyone! Has anyone had any expereince with tattoo removal in Hamburg? I have a rather gross-looking tribal marking on my leg that I really regret having had done.

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Can you buy anti-biotics over the counter? I've got a very swollen and painful thumb and can't bring myself to pop it.

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Hi all, I was wondering if those of you that have glasses use an optician in Hamburg? I'm searching for an (preferably English-speaking) optician that can give me an eye-test and prescribe some glasses / contact lenses.

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How much would it be to replace a dislodged filling and does anyone know of a place that would do it at very short notice?

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What happens regarding health care if you're retired and move to Germany. Can you use the system for free or do you have to have private medical insurance. Anyone have any experience of this?

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Where do you buy batteries for a hearing aid in Germany? Can you get them in pharmacies?

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What is you favorite German Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Blog?  And, if they also blog in English, all the better. Thanks.

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Where would I go to get regular paraffin wax treatments on my hands? I would prefer English speaking if possible, and obviously not too expensive if I am going back every week over the winter.

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Can anyone recommend a female English-speaking gynaecologist in the Hamburg area. Public or private. Thank you kindly.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of an English-speaking hypnotherapist that can cure me of my smoking habit?

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Stress Resilience & Burnout Prevention Seminar With international NLP Trainer / Coach / Burnout Specialist - ?Jevon Dängeli Bad Segeberg, Vitalia Seehotel, 1-2 November 2014 At this 2-day seminar you will learn how to: Cope with stress and reduce its harmful effects Improve mental, emotional & physical resilience Sustain resourcefulness amidst demands and time pressure Identify the precursors to burnout and respond to them wisely Rapidly transform reactive states into creative and productive responses Approach challenges with confidence and broadly balanced perspectives Establish and maintain mindfulness at work, at home and in social settings More info hereBookings 

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Can anyoen recommend a provdider of fully comp health insurance in Germany? Ideally one that covers existing conditions. Thanks.

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Psychology Practice search therapists or Health pratitioner to share office and ideas in Hamburg. For more information : Elodie Hammond 0152/ 22 98 81 85 - contact@consultpsy.ft  

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I had to pay about 80 Euro for the professional tooth cleaning – is that the usual rate?

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Hello, do you know a dentist who speaks English in the Wandsbek area? Thanks a lot! Richie

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On Thursday, a new Law for the Donation of Organs will come into effect. The most obvious effect for everybody living in Hamburg: You will get mail from your health insurance company, private or public, informing you about organ donation. This letter will come during the next year, some insurance companies (e.g. Techniker Krankenkasse) will start this autumn. The letter will include an organ donor card, that can be filled out - in favour or against the donation. Filling out the card or answering the letter is not obligatory.

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