Smoking hypnotherapists

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Can anyone point me in the direction of an English-speaking hypnotherapist that can cure me of my smoking habit?


Virmouth 1406805487

Try Sabine Bauer

or I found a number of other individuals listed in the Counselling & Therapists section of the (vast!) directory on this website

OverlordNick 1406846790

Fantastic - mine of information this site! I shall make enquiries as soon as possible. I figure its easier to quit during the summer as there's so much more to occupy the body and mind than in the winter when it's dark and drizzly.

Placebo 1407422883

If it is possible to find here, try bioresonance treatment for it. It helps with weight loss and cures addictions.

OverlordNick 1408492766

Bioresonance? Sounds like mumbo jumbo. Any proof that it effective and how does it work?

Would be brilliant if that was all it were!

OverlordNick 1408620117

Well, whether it's science is debatable. Pseudo-science perhaps...


Placebo 1409695690

I've got friends that has had it done and haven't smoked since. They had to abstain from smoking beforehand, it was a 40 minute treatment and then they were done.

Also it can be used for weight loss too. Haven't seen a practitioner here anyway.

Jevon 1409830984

I'm an English speaking hypnotherapist in the town of Leezen (between Hamburg and Bad Segeberg)

I have a 100% success rate at helping people stop smoking.

Personal sessions & audio programmes available.

Combining hypnotherapy with wellness coaching, I can help you change the unconscious patterns resposible for your smoking habit.

Most clients experience NO withdrawl symptoms and their desire to smoke is gone for good.

More info about how my sessions work here.

STOP SMOKING audio programme info here.

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