Tattoo removal

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Good morning everyone! Has anyone had any expereince with tattoo removal in Hamburg? I have a rather gross-looking tribal marking on my leg that I really regret having had done.


Kat kit 1441874472

This comapany apper to offer tattoo removal services. The pictures look like they are quite successful too.

OverlordNick 1442234489

Thanks for the reply.

Any idea how many treatments it will take to remove it?

OverlordNick 1443782147

Anyone had a tattoo removed and know what to expect?

Virmouth 1444176359

From what I've seen on television it look like the person performing the removal lasers over it. It does look painful though, I regret to inform you.

Hopefully if it's not too dark a color you can get away with one maybe two return visits to get it removed almost permanently.

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