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Can someone tell me what size satellite dish I need now to pick up BBC channels and ITV please?

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Does anyone have the contact details of an English speaking plumber here? We have an issue that needs addressing quite urgently.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a water matress. I've never used one before but really would like to give them a go.

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What sort of heating do you use during the winter and do you get a good economy from it? I'm looking for the best heat to expenditure ratio possible!

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Need a supplier and fitter of shleving / racking for my garage space. I've got too much stuff taking up floor space and need to get organised.

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I am lookign for a set (of 2) cordless telephones. Must be DECT 6.0 so they don't interfere with my wifi connections. Does anyone know of a retailer?

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How do I get rid of some old dog-chewed furniture?? I can't sell it and nobody would want it so how do I take it to a tip or dump here is Germany?

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What's the deal with disposing of broken or old fridges in Germany? Where do you have to take them and how!?

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Anyone had any experience changing electricity suppliers over here? Is there a comparison website or something similar? And is it even possible?

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Where is the cheapest place to get white goods (fridges / freezers / wahing machings / dishwasher etc) online in Germany?

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Any recommendations for an alarm company in Hamburg or a national one covering Germany would probably be better.

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Has anyone got any information on the supposed lead in the tap was in Germany? Are the levels dangerous?

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Is there a supplier of this service in Hamburg or Germany that serves the Hamburg area? Looking for satellite channels such as Sky Sports and BT Sport.

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Any recommendations for English-speaking estate agents covering the outskirts of the city area?

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What's the German for bicarb? Where can I buy it here?

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... this can be hard work: As a landlord, you have to take care of own and adjoining public pavements/sidewalks. In Hamburg, snow has to be removed directly after the end of the snowfall, and in case of ice, you have to grit the pavement immediately. Pavements have to be cleared from 8:30 (Sunday 9:30) until 20:00 in the evening.  

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I was given a small palm tree (I think it is a coconut palm) which I planted in the garden. I read somewhere that it is enough just to shroud it with bubble wrap to protect it from frosts and snow but I am not sure if that is going to be enough. Should I dig it up and put it in a pot indoors for winter, ot is it best to leave it undisturbed outside but just minimise the risk of frost getting to it? Any advice would be highly appreciated. Cheers Simon

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Do you want to decorate your home, your house or your street? Here are some tipps by th Hamburg Tenant Association: Tenants are allowed to decorate apartment, windows and balcony of their home. Outside the own flat, there are some points to keep in mind: - The decoration has to be secured, so nobody is hit on the head by falling Santa Clauses. - For very big decorations, landlord should be asked (and can say no, within reason). - Neighbours should be able to sleep, so don't let the lights twinkle and blink all night. - Careful with scents - not all your neighbours have the same taste. All this is court ruling - and good news is that courts ruled that advent whreaths at the door are allowed. Happy decorating!

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