BBC D-Day Anniversary Documentary Series

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BBC will ein Dokumentarserie über die Normandiekampagne 06.06.2014 machen. Sie suchen Veteranen von der Kampagne: Tel: 05250 937328.  If interested, reply to this entry - thank you!           Dear RBL Germany Secretary,   I’m contacting you from the television production company who produce the Remembrance related programming for the BBC, most recently Remembrance Week with Gethin Jones which broadcast in the run up to Remembrance Sunday last November.   We are currently working with the BBC on a similar programme which will run in the lead up to this years’ 70th anniversary of D-Day and I was wondering if you might be able to help us out on two counts.   Firstly, might you happen to know any D Day veterans who ended up remaining in Germany with the British Forces post war and perhaps have even retired there?   Secondly, and do forgive the slightly obscure nature of this request, might you know if any Germans who fought at D Day? I only ask as, for the series, we are hoping to reunite a German and British soldier in the spirit of Remembrance on both sides.  


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