Adios Rafa

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Shame that R VD Vaart has left Hamburger What was the reason behind it, financial? I hope they hang on to Adler and Westermann.


Virmouth 1434637797

Well, he's been nothing short of crap the last two years.

OverlordNick 1434725472

So have Hamburg though, to be honest.

Alfred-913267 1434973092

Can only get better from here on in. It's no good looking to the past for answers, teams have to move forward and buy new players. Players like Van der Vaart are players from a bygone era. I'm sad that it's ended this way for him.

Ernest-903616 1435829063

Put like that I suppose they're better off without him. Get rid of the symbols of struggling at the bottom of the table and bring in some new blood.

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