Card players

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Is there anyone on here that fancies meeting up for a friendly game of cards? I can play a few games but would love to learn more (especially German games).


Ernest-903616 1430170410

Interested in board games as well. A bit of Scrabble perhaps? In English though, because my German isn't up to it.

Virmouth 1430235504

I can play Whist, but we'd need two other players for that...

OverlordNick 1430316314

I'd learn a card game to make up the numbers if you like. Prefer video games but I imagine that playing card games would sharpen my brain a bit better.

Ernest-903616 1430486115

Encouraged by the replies here. Great stuff!

Does anyone know any traditional German card games?

Kat kit 1433512875

Where would you meet? I'd be up for it (and my husband).

Kat kit 1433852476

Kontraspiel, anyone?

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