Hamburg beat Dortmund!

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3-1 and up to 7th in the table! I wonder if they'll avoid that relegation playoff nastiness this year? Regular scorelines like this and they'll be pushing for the Champions League place.


Kat kit 1448403610

I wouldn't bank on it to last if the last two seasons are anything to go by. It's a marathon not a sprint and I wonder about the squad depth.

Virmouth 1448493151

You never know, got to keep the faith.

Wins like that breed confidence and if they get a positive result against Bremen on Saturday, who knows.

Kat kit 1448891356

Okay. I stand corrected...!

Placebo 1448972816

Well that's a turn-around from the last two years of rubbishness!

Virmouth 1449076397

The 'rubbishness' may still yet return to haunt them but for the moment I hope they continue the good form up until the winter break.

Wouldn't a Champions League place be absolutely amazing!?

Kat kit 1449479063

Well, I hate to say I that I was right...

Virmouth 1450880264

I have to say that after this weekend as well, my optimism has faded.

How can you beat Dortmund then lose two in a row (which should be won).

Speedo-957716 1451416284

How come's there's a winter break in German football, then? I miss a bit of Bundesliga action over the Christmas period.

Virmouth 1453911869

Because it's cold!

They play fewer games in the Budesliga than they do in the Premier League, La Liga or Serie A so they can afford to take time off.

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