Hamburger down?

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Are the soccer club down a tier after this season?


Birgit-873894 1432723952

Relegation is on Thursday + Monday. What do you think?

Ernest-903616 1432818405

No yet they're not. As Birgit says, there's a two-leg playoff tonight and Sunday aganst Karlsruher.

I hope Hamburger stay up, but I honestly feel that the 52 year stay in the top flight is coming to end . Adler, Holtby, Westermann and Van der Vaart are the key players they need to start being able to rely upon.

Ernest-903616 1432912279

Not sure if you saw it but it was 1-1 last night at the end of the first leg. Hamburger have to now basically go to Karlsruhe and win. They only lost twice there all season and only conceded 7 goals!

I hope they win, but it wil be tough.

Speedo-957716 1433157209

The second leg is tonight. Not yesterday.


OverlordNick 1433243150

So we find out tonight if they get relegated or not? Why did we not find out at the end of the league season like when we found out who won it?

masha75 1433259357

What a night! Glad they made it! @OverlordNick where do you come from? 3rd last from 1. Bundesliga against 3rd for 2. Bundesliga - that's Relegation, and we've had it twice now! Hope they'll show some more commitment next year. But what a free kick by Diaz at 90+. made half ot the city happy, at minimum. Into Extra time and then GOAL at min. 115 or thereabouts - just crazy.

masha75 1433259571

In better words than mine :-)

Ernest-903616 1433336701

OMG (as they say). What an absolutely incredible game. I've not been so happy since Aguero stole the title from United in 2012. I think I nearly had a heart attack.

I stand corrected asI honestly thought they were down after Friday but they showed great character to fight to the end. It would have been such a great shame had they gone down.

Like you say Masha, I really hope they show some more commitment for next year.

Placebo 1433415073

With the players they've got, they should be mid-table.

OverlordNick 1433774499

Hi Masha

I'm from the UK but not really up on German football. I watched the English league but not sure about the playoff sytem in Germany. It seems to me it's quite like the playoff system in Scotland too.

Ernest-903616 1433851273

It would have been interesting to see a St. Pauli vs Hamburg derby match. Hopefully St. Pauli will go up next year and Hamburg will stay in the top flight. When was the last time these two played?

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