Ice rinks

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Do they install an outdoor temporary one in any of the districts this Christmas time? Have children visiting and thought it would be nice as the eldest is really into skating at the moment.


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Hi Speedo, take them to the ice rink in Planten 'un Bloomen - that's a very nice one, outdoors and permanent, right in the City center, in a beautiful park

There are temporary ones at some Christmas markets, I know there is one in Lübeck (Lübecker Obertrave(, and a "Like Ice" rink in Wandsbek.

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Fantastic! Thank you for the information. It's lovely to have some options about where to take them. Personally I'm delighted that one of the grandchildren is into skating as it gives me a chance to get back on the ice after 30+ years of absence!

Anyone else like skating?

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I recommend kneepads! I am sure you are still great at skating, but I found myself much clumsier and falling hurts much more than 25 years ago :-)

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Knee pads and plastic trousers for me. Bruised kness and a wet **** were the only things derived from my one-and-only ice skating adventure.

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