Who will win the 2015 AFC Asian Cup

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Hey, I am making this thread for football fans across all over the world. Are you guys excited for 2015 AFC Asia Cup? I am really excited as I am going to be there in Australia for all the matches. I am sharing information about the tournament such as teams participating, locations and some facts. Teams: Australia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Uzbekistan, China (outside GCC)in GCC: Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine Locations: Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne  Fact:  (1) For the first time in its history, the tournament will be hosted outside the continent of Asia in Australia (2) The winner of the tournament will earn the right to compete for the 2017 FIFA Confederations CupWho will win the 2015 AFC Asian Cup? Any GUESS? Would love to hear from you guys about this tournament as the winner of the tournament will earn the right to compete for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. Isn't it excited?


Virmouth 1417043188

Hi Wasim!

Yes, should be a good tournament. If I had to bet I would say it will be one from Australia (home advantage too), Japan, South Korea or Iran.

Iran played some good football in Brazil and Dejagah is one of the best players in this forthcoming  tournament in my opinon. So I will predict them to win it.

Are you going to any games?

Who do you think will win?

wasimmomin 1417096366

Yes,  I am going for the AFC Football Cup. I will be based in Sydney and will be going for all matches that happen in Sydney!

Even I feel the same that teams such as Iran, Iraq, Australia, Japan are the teams to beat in the tournament.

However, I am looking forward to the match which is like clash of traditional rivals: Saudi Arabia vs DPRK (North Korea).

I think Japan and Australia has a strong chance to win the tournament. Still you never know anything can happen.....

I am going to cheers for Saudi Arabia and what about ?


Speedo-957716 1417424872

Wow Wasim, that sounds like you are going to have an amazing time. I'll watch the games at Sydney (what time will they be on in Europe?) and think of you there in the early-autumn Aussie weather.

Do Saudi Arabia play all their games in Sydney?

No New Zealand playing?

OverlordNick 1417781717

Football isn't really my game but surely Australia will win if they are playing at home?

Also, isn't it going to be INCREDIBLY hot when this is going on?

OverlordNick 1423229296

Just re-visiting this thread because I was right! I am the football prediction man!

Hope you had a great time over there Wasim. Didn't see any of the games myself. Was it hot?

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