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Estate Protection 0 Financial & Legal
Estate Protection If you are of relatively high net worth then you could give consideration to having some of
started by: EFS-EFS-859259 · last update: 1502802227 · posted: 1502802227
Looking for new taxand accounting services? Read on to find some of the important factors andaspects that matter in
started by: VNC Consulting & Office Supplies · last update: 1502180217 · posted: 1502180217
Most of Peoples are using credit cardsfor Shopping, online purchase, at Food Zone etc. There are too many types ofc
started by: VNC Consulting & Office Supplies · last update: 1502180162 · posted: 1502180162
Epsom salt 5 General
Any suggestions on where can I get Epsom salt?
started by: AllyPally-996811 · last update: 1461681268 · posted: 1424425429
Photowalks 3 General
Was wondering if anybody knows of any group that does photowalks.
started by: Mockingjay · last update: 1452515964 · posted: 1426758243
Changes to State Pension age for women 0 General
I'd love to know how this was decided - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery! https://w
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1450054635 · posted: 1450054635
SnapIT! Vietnam Mekong Delta Photo Journalistic... 0 General
SnapIT! will be organizing a photographic day trip in the Mekong Delta on 6th December and 20thDecember for se
started by: PhamVy · last update: 1447250566 · posted: 1447250566
Charity Concert - Loreto November Gala 2015 0 Families & Kids
LORETO NOVEMBER GALA 2015LORETO NOVEMBER GALA is a soulful cultural event, aiming to build/highlight the profi
started by: Loreto Kids Charity · last update: 1445940063 · posted: 1445940063
OSHO meditations in HCMC 1 General
Hello friends, expats living in HCMC and broadminded locals !If you are interested in OSHO meditations ( dynamic, k
started by: jovejulie · last update: 1437820292 · posted: 1432890296
Looking for people emigrating from UK for... 0 Entertainment
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential do
started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431648959 · posted: 1431648959
Liquid smoke 2 Food & Drink
Has anyone seen liquid smoke for sale or knows where I can get hold of?
started by: Allie McAdams · last update: 1429116506 · posted: 1426093140
rules rent an apartment. 0 General
I am from the Netherlands and since a few months I rent an apartment in HCM City. I stay here as tourist and go up
started by: JohnJohn-989328 · last update: 1428918184 · posted: 1428918184
Local Gym 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I noticed there are a few gyms in the directory but I'm still new in town. Would anyone kind enough to let me know
started by: DannyDee · last update: 1428586379 · posted: 1380752309
Must-see in Ho Chi Minh 1 General
I would like to explore Ho Chi Minh this coming week and would like to ask for suggestions on must-sees of the city
started by: Barbara-996267 · last update: 1427837221 · posted: 1427732259
Microchipping pets? 6 Pets & Animals
Hi. Can anyone tell me if it is obligatory to have my cat identified by microchip here?
started by: Summer-996274 · last update: 1427822788 · posted: 1426243195
Brazilian wax 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend a good place to have a Brazilian wax?
started by: Sandy Cook · last update: 1427821828 · posted: 1426855465
English pubs 4 Food & Drink
Recommendations for a good English pub. Seen a few around but would like some personal opinion.
started by: Frank Winston · last update: 1427821365 · posted: 1426861496
Sushi 0 Food & Drink
Looking for sushi restaurants; recommendations would be greatly appreciated
started by: Miss Norway Kiefer R. · last update: 1427783246 · posted: 1427783246
Fishing 1 Sport & Leisure
Looking to go fishing with some buddies by next week. Any recommendations for a nice place?
started by: Harry Potter-996705 · last update: 1427720114 · posted: 1427365652
Ballet lessons 1 General
Looking for dance instructor that can teach ballet lessons for adults. Would appreciate any recommendations.
started by: Allie McAdams · last update: 1427698495 · posted: 1427389362