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Has anyone seen liquid smoke for sale or knows where I can get hold of?

started by: Frank Winston · last update: 1427821365 · posted: 1426861496

Recommendations for a good English pub. Seen a few around but would like some personal opinion.

started by: Miss Norway Kiefer R. · last update: 1427783246 · posted: 1427783246

Looking for sushi restaurants; recommendations would be greatly appreciated

started by: Genie-996272 · last update: 1427440084 · posted: 1427195396

I'd like to get some recommendations for a good Indian restaurant around Ho Chi Minh area. What would you consider to be your favorite?

started by: Dominic Paul · last update: 1426609283 · posted: 1425556279

Does anyone have a recommendation for a place that sells high quality beef?

started by: pho-what · last update: 1392731948 · posted: 1387849400

I need some canned pumpkin and some evaporated milk for a recipe. Does anyone know where I might find some anywhere in HCMC? Am I looking in the wrong places or does it not exist here? Thx!!!

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