Ao dai maker

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Anybody have a favorite local tailor/dressmaker who makes beautiful ao dais? Thank you! Susan


Barbara-996267 1425468821

Would be interested to know too.

AllyPally-996811 1425898611

A friend of mine have ao dais made from Nice Silk on Le Loi St, District 1 

Kayla May 1425999792

Thuan Viet in Dong Khoi St., District 1 also makes exquisite ao dais though it's a bit expensive than the rest.

Barbara-996267 1426155274

A friend had recommended Nam Silk  at De Tham Street, District 1, they charge less than Thuan Viet

Adelle-996269 1426764183

Seen some ao dais from Thuan Viet, craftmanship is really good

Barbara-996267 1427286815

Lots of choices for ao dai tailors, thank you so much

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