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I am from the Netherlands and since a few months I rent an apartment in HCM City. I stay here as tourist and go up and down between HCM City and The Netherlands.. My Vietnamees partner stay continue in that apartment. One and a half week ago she contact me and told me that  they started renovating an apartment to our apartment and make a lot of noise. The owner of our apartment did not inform her. One week ago I come back in our apartment in HCM City. The noise in the apartment is incredible hard. They starting with a drilling machine early in the morning at 7 am till 5 pm in the evening. When I contact the owner of my apartment she say that it will take 2 weeks and that she cannot tell me because I was in the Netherlands!!!!! So it seems that my Vietnamees partner who has a university degree and  still stay in the apartment, is not a human being for her! On my proposal to her by sms I told her that at least we need some rest in the morning, my partner is stewardess by Vietnam airlines and come sometimes after midnight back from her job. So I propose that they start drilling at 9 till 12 and from 2 till 5 or 6 pm some we get some hours to rest. I get no answer. Even this sunday they start at 7 am again drilling . When I contact the owner I get an answer that she contact the owner from the renovating apartment. His answer was that they have a DELAY!!! so he give order to work also on sunday! Are there rules in Vetnam what you can do and what you not can do?      


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