Working in HCMC

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What sort of work opportunities can I explore here in Ho Ci Minh without speaking any Vietnamese?


Dimitri-996268 1425988453

Tourism will fit you. I think best if you learn at least basic Vietnamese.

Geoffrey G. 1426505323

You could teach English in schools

Dimitri-996268 1426609635

English may actually help people since there are a significant number families that migrate to US, Austraila, and the UK.

Allie McAdams 1426693456

Thank you for all the insights. I've been meaning also to learn the language as well but I can't afford to attend a class. Anybody up for a language exchange?

Jason A. 1426797945

There is an opening where I work. It would be great if you could send me cvs. I am sure that there is at least one for an experienced foreign resident.

Geoffrey G. 1427114265

Let me know when you're available, I'd be more than glad to teach you basic Vietnamese. 

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