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Can anyone point me as to what cinemas show movies in English (not English subtitles but as in the original English movie)? Thank you!

started by: MissusSaigon · last update: 1426506199 · posted: 1424947417

Need advise on where best to get beautiful fabrics or textiles. Thank you!

started by: Barbara-996267 · last update: 1425920799 · posted: 1424782769

Hi. New here in Vietnam. I am looking for a nice mobile app to use in getting around HCM whenever hubby is at work. Anybody got recommendations?

started by: LadyDi-996686 · last update: 1425636084 · posted: 1424356459

I am looking to learn basic Vietnamese, any recommendations on what classes to go to in Distriict 1?

started by: Genie-996272 · last update: 1425563175 · posted: 1425563175

Does anyone know of any company that hires catering equipments such as chafing dish, glasswares, silverwares, etc?

started by: Mr. Clarke · last update: 1425488441 · posted: 1425389081

Are there Russian restaurants here in Ho Chi Minh?

started by: Barbara-996267 · last update: 1425468344 · posted: 1425468344

For thse who have kids, where do your kids go to: international schools or state schools? What is the main difference between the two?

started by: RussianRed · last update: 1425377778 · posted: 1424708279

Looking for a money changer that is safe and has a good exchange rate. Anyone?

started by: John Wilde1 · last update: 1425312472 · posted: 1424779022

Dropped by a laundry shop and they charge 15,000 per item. Is that really the going rate here?

started by: alanhmurray · last update: 1425203027 · posted: 1415182837

Anyone know whether the hydrofoils (or their replacements) are running again to Vung Tau?

started by: AdminDi-993763 · last update: 1424248388 · posted: 1424248388

Hi everyone! New here and this will be my first Tet, along with my family. I know that it'll run till 23rd. What highlights of the festival should we watch out for, preferably one that can be enjoyed by kids too. Thank you.

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Are you as concerned as I am about the plastic rubbish, including the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, that we see everywhere?  If so, join the global campaign to do something about it! If everybody does a little, a lot will be achieved.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/656/074/365/pledge-to-clean-up-some-plastic-rubbish-every-day/ Thank you.

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" Free Vietnamese Class" is open every 2nd & 4th Saturday of month.  It is operating by Vietnamese Language Studies.

started by: Yankees · last update: 1401746181 · posted: 1379576631

I will be going to Ho Chi Minh next month on a Business Trip. Can you please recommend some places to visit? Thank you

started by: LovelyCreatures · last update: 1385168598 · posted: 1379689277

I'll be visiting Saigon in November for 1 week. I'm trying to decide if paying for a tour guide is worth it for part of the trip or if I'd be ok just exploring on my own. I'm into folk art (really art in general) as well as food. I'm on a pretty tight budget. Any suggestions very much wellcome. Thanks.

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