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Mount Kelly School Playgroup

Never too young to learn 

Children learn fast at a young age, and helping them develop can give them the best start, even before they are ready for school. Mount Kelly School Hong Kong’s new Playgroup Centre provides classes for little ones from six to 36 months old. 

The playgroup programmes, which started in March this year, have an emphasis on child development, helping children learn by embracing their natural curiosity. They can develop pre-numeracy and language skills by asking questions, predicting, imagining and wondering. 

The Playgroup offers a seamless transition with priority admissions to Hong Kong Mount Kelly International Preschool and Preparatory School.

The Mount Kelly Playgroup Centre in Austin Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui, offers four classes for different child development ages: 

Baby Bumblebees (6-11 months old);
Toddling Hedgehogs (12-18 months old);
Pre-Twos Badgers (19-24 months old);
Pre-Threes Red Deer (25-36 months old);

Free Playgroup Trial Classes are available now! Click on the "visit website" link for more details.