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Days Out: Trips & Tours

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Zen Organic Farm
A 250,000 square foot organic farm producing high quality fruit and veg including figs, tomatoes, berries and carrots, with the help of the city's leading biologists and agriculturalists.
Kam Tin Country Club
An all-encompassing nature park, including a range of children's activities, from bumper cars, strawberry picking and more! Pets are welcome and parking is complimentary.
Law's Organic Strawberry Farm
Organic farm in Yuen Long with strawberries, spinach and salad varietals grown on-site. Free admission.
Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm
Open year-round, the Rainbow Organic Strawberry farm produce certified organic, pesticide and additive free produce, with peak picking season running between December and April.
Tai Tong Lychee Valley
Animal petting farm and strawberry picking site, perfect for a family day out in nature. Entrance to the farm is $20.