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News & Weather

Hong Kong Observatory
Web portal of the HKO with local seven day weather forecasts for Hong Kong, as well as marine meteorological services and information on world weather.
Non-profit news website, featuring articles by expats and locals about Hong Kong, South China and global events.
Weather Wonderland
Weather information, weather archives and news about meteorology.
China Daily
Daily newspaper published in China with a Hong Kong edition. Economy, sports, business, social and cultural issues.
The Economist
Hong Kong section of the business and finance commentary magazine.
International Herald Tribune
The global version of the New York Times newspaper, available online.
Online source of financial news and detailed analysis of the Hong Kong stock market.
Up-to-date weather information by telephone.
Asian Correspondent
Online English-speaking journal, with features on politics, sport, culture, technology and finance.
The Wall Street Journal (Asia Edition)
Local and world news, with political, life and style, culture and financial sections.
RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) runs live feed news stories, updated on a daily basis.
The Standard
Business newspaper for China published daily from Monday to Friday. The Weekend Standard is available on Saturdays.
Hong Kong Herald
Online website featuring an overview of recent events throughout Hong Kong, as well as a market commentary.
South China Morning Post
English daily newspaper with online edition. Covers business, politics, sports topics and more.
Asia Times Online
World news, as well as national sections for countries within Asia. Includes financial section and book reviews.
Online news stories and commentary, provided by the Hong Kong Information Services department. Categories include city life, business and finance, admin and civic affairs and the environment.