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Preschools, Kindergartens & Nursery

International preschools, nurseries and kindergartens in Hong Kong providing daycare and learning for children under school age, including British preschools, American schools, bi-lingual schools, Montessori and ESF schools.  

Yew Chung International School Preschools, Kindergartens & Nursery
Founded in 1932, Yew Chung has been providing quality bilingual education to the learners of Hong Kong for over 80 years. Originally specialising in Early Childhood Education, Yew Chung International School (YCIS) now provides education from early childhood through primary and secondary culminating...
Mount Kelly Hong Kong Preschools, Kindergartens & Nursery
Mount Kelly Hong Kong will open in September 2017 as Hong Kong’s first British preparatory school for boys and girls aged 5-13. Through our partnership with Mount Kelly UK, we are proud to bring one hundred and forty years of outstanding British...

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