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Coravin was founded by Greg Lambrecht, a medical device inventor with a passion for wine and innovative technology. From a personal experience he was inspired and committed to solve an age old problem – tasting fine wine without waste and oxidation and not feeling committed to finishing a bottle at any occasion.

The first Coravin was launched in 2003. A world’s first product of its kind, allowing you to access wine bottles and keep the remaining wine in the bottle for continuation of the natural wine ageing process. The wine bottles accessed with Coravin can always be enjoyed later since the wine will never be exposed to oxygen. From this time forward with our Coravin Wine System, wine enthusiasts have the opportunity to safely enjoy any fine wines sealed with corks without the need of committing to the whole bottle. Wine enthusiasts can now adventurously explore wines of any vintage, varietal or region, one taste at a time and at any convenience!