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MSL Master

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MSL Master stands for Mandarin as a Second Language Master. It was founded in 2003. The founding story was quite a cliché. A teacher who was not satisfied with the Chinese teaching materials at the time decided to write her own books. The motivation is simple, but the process was hard. It took nearly ten years to have the first edition completed, and a couple of more years to have the first edition revised into the second edition.

This teacher is Zhang Xuehong. She has been teaching Chinese since 2000. Most of her students are adult students without any Chinese background. And most of her adult students have demanding jobs. Two series of Chinese textbooks, Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series, were designed to help them acquire Chinese language skills as efficient and as enjoyable as possible.

Initially, these two series of textbooks were only used with MSL students. Gradually, other teachers started to purchase books for their students. Now, MSL Master look forward to working with high schools, colleges & universities and continuing education, and to help them make Chinese language classes both interesting and relevant.