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Wealth Management Group

Wealth Management Group (WMG) is a market leader when it comes to providing financial advice in South East Asia.

With clients of many nationalities we are experienced in, and can advise on, the implications of investing across a range of jurisdictions.

We believe that the whole is much better than the sum of the individual parts and this is evident at WMG where the individuals come together to form a multidisciplinary team that can provide an exemplary service to clients, large and small.

We have found that many people working in Hong Kong enjoy the life here; whether it’s the many restaurants whereby one could visit a new one every week almost ad infinitum or the varied cultural events or the art shows or the hiking trails, they really enjoy their time in Hong Kong.

However, no matter how much they enjoy it for many it will not be where they finally retire.

And that is why it is important to talk with a company that has a global view and can help people structure their affairs in a way that will suit their global lifestyle.