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Hi,Just to let you know that I register on your site, as I found it useful on some information's even if difficult to go through some search as the search engine is not really user friendly. What amaze me the most today is to find the LGBT section on the top of any sections in the Family category of the "How To" pages. It's not that I am a prude person but as a mother of 2 kids, and looking on some family information's, I found myself through that particular editorial and honestly I don't know what I was doing there!Honk Kong change a lot in recent years, even we try to be freely speaking on any subjects, a section like this, it's quite offensive to the Chinese culture. In one word, it's not suppose to be on the top of that family section, and I just want attract your attention to it, thank youSheila A. Chan


Angloinfohk-editor 1487920148

Dear Mrs Chan,

Thank you for your comment. We at Angloinfo are an inclusive community and believe that talking about LGBT issues should not be a taboo. We feel that the LGBT section is not only relevant but is a vital part of the family section of our How To information for expats and English speakers. Hong Kong has a large and active LGBT community and we feel most Hongkongers are open and accepting of people, regardless of their sexuality. 

Sheila A. Chan 1487936993

Interesting answer, however I will check with my expat circle and some of my friends from the local authority, as open you want to be,you are a public web site and like any sexual oriented material, that LGBT section should not be on top on the family section or it's should be rate PG-13 or R rating!

Mark-Knight-868717 1488774786

I kind of agree with Shiela

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