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How do people feel about the divide between HK island and Kowloon taxis? Working out that the red off duty sign means they only go to the other side is all part of the HK learning process but is there a better way? Or should they simply not be allowed to turn a fair down?

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Any suggestions whats the most popular type of events for Expats on the weekend to meet new people? (Besides Drinking)

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Hi,I'm wondering if someone moved to HK recently and kindly share the details of a moving company. We're thinking of sending some personal items about 125 cuft. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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I'd love to know how this was decided - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery! Sorry we do not need to hear that "life is not fair" - this is unjust. This is not a male against female rant! Please sign the petition below and see the WASPI site on Facebook for more info.

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Is it me, or are there a lot of protests going on at the moment here? I thought it was bad in Spain!

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What is the law regarding cannabis and other class C drugs in Hong Kong?

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Can anyone recommend a pre pay / pay as you go 4G system for my mobile phone? Would a European phone work with it? It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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Is there much call for online personal assistant work or an agency that hires them, here in Hong Kong? Thought people in Europe that have dealings in this region may require omeone based out here to do fetching and carrying.

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Is your mobile working? Mine seems to have no reception or anything!!

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How on earth do they think they're going to sell this!?

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How much does it cost to get from Tsim Sha Tsui to Kowloon by taxi?

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Where's the best place to buy cheap electronics please?

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Is the Regal Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui worth a visit? Looking at staying for 7 days at the end of March and the price per night seems cheaper than other hotels. Wondered if there was a reason for this.

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Where is the best place to advertise myself for employment at one of the major banks? I have experience in finance in the City of London and my credentials are good. All guidance very much appreciated.

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Is there a female focused group such as the Women's Institute in Hong Kong?

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Hey all. Can someone tell me where I can buy a number of large padded jiffy bags from please?

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