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Depression support

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Is the a support group for those suffering from depression, in English?


ShengChang 1409336714

There's comapnies and health organisations that will be able to help. Part of the treatment is listening and support. One such place would be here:

And don't forget that there's always the Samaritans here in Hong Kong too:


Lilly-914925 1409598526

I'm no Mother Teresa but I'm a good listener. If you want to email me I'd be delighted to chat to you if you need an ear.

Ernest-903616 1409767548

Thanks for the replies and for the two personal messages that I received. I'm determined to get through it and just see it as a blip.

WasmesFamilyCounseling 1464633549

Just to let people know, I am a therapist, located in Belgium but doing therapy online. You can see my ad about Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss in the classifieds. However, I do therapy for a whole range of issues, from depression and anxiety, to PTSD, and all of that online. Wasmes Family Counseling on Facebook. Just in case you need it.

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