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started by: ShengChang · last update: 1425918219 · posted: 1423500895

Is there a drone meetup club or the like in Hong Kong for enthusiasts and people looking to get into the hobby? I'm thinking about buying one and would like some guidance and to talk to someone about it before I do.

started by: Simeon1 · last update: 1425409434 · posted: 1425057955

How come Hong Kong aren't playing at this year's cricket World Cup yet Afgahanistan and Scotland are?

started by: ShengChang · last update: 1424998201 · posted: 1424802281

Probably a daft question but do you know if they do hot air ballooning anywhere near HK? I imagine It'd be a long drive if they did, but just thought I'd ask.

started by: ShengChang · last update: 1422038231 · posted: 1421697974

Can anyone give me the details of a snooker and pool hall on Hong Kong Island?

started by: Kowloon Coaster · last update: 1421950697 · posted: 1421772605

Does anyone know of a camera enthusiasts club anywhere on the peninsula?

started by: ShengChang · last update: 1418848128 · posted: 1418059827

Are there groups here in Hongkong that do this? I would love to play this after watching videos about it online. I'm an absolute beginner though, so tuition or pointers would be needed from the outset.

started by: Ernest-903616 · last update: 1417714378 · posted: 1415289362

When is ther Hong Kong marathon and is there a biathlon here too?

started by: Simeon1 · last update: 1415213744 · posted: 1409851698

Who's going to win these comps this year? Having watched the opening exchanges my money is firmly on Chelsea to be Champions of England and Barcelona to win La Liga. Real Madrid were very disappointing against Sociedad. Anyone else follow the Spanish football?

started by: Ernest-903616 · last update: 1414776783 · posted: 1414605764

Two questions: 1) What are the seasons for the horse racing or does it happen all year round in HK? 2) Is there a maximum bet amount that they will accept or can you bet your family fortune on 'Dolly's Brolly'?

started by: livalee · last update: 1413478463 · posted: 1413478463

Boat China 2015 Date: from April 28th to May 3rd, 2015 Venue: Asia International Yacht City(Guangzhou)   Boat china, the golden chance! As we know, China is a huge potential market in yacht industry with its abundant ocean and water resources. The increasingly growing demand from the Great Pearl River Delta like Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc has greatly stimulated the development of yacht industry.   Whether you want to tap into China’s yacht industry or look for a one-stop sourcing platform, Boat China 2015 is the golden chance you should never miss!   About boat china Boat China 2014, the special exhibition of luxuries feast with 25,000 sqm and more than 210 domestic and foreign brands, attract many exhibitors such as Guangdong Minhua Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd, NEO Yachts & Composite, Inter Nes Oy World Hous, OQS-Ocean Quality Systems Ab Oy, Sunseeker, Shenzhen Nuode Marine Co., Ltd, etc.   Building on the success of Boat China 2014, Boat China 2015 is to be more promising! Concurrently with other special exhibitions of Luxuries Feast like China International Helicopter and Air Sports Fair, China Guangzhou RV& Camping Fair, China International High-end Brand Exhibition,etc,  you will witness a sparkling and magnificent spectacle besides the Boat China 2015! Share the high quality buyers, share the Luxury exhibitors!   Contact us: Address: Room 202, Meijing Garden, No.318 of Chebei Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China (510660) Tel:  (+86-20) 2894 5347 Fax:   +86 20 8257 9220 Mobile: +86 13642740319 E-mail: Website:      

started by: krisgong · last update: 1412075623 · posted: 1412075623

Date: May 9th--11th, 2015Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex The most influential "Oscar" in billiard industry With 450 booths and 10000m2 total floor space taken up, the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition ( GBE2014) was a great success. Most of our exhibitors and visitors think highly of GBE2014 and expressed their will to attend GBE2015. For instance, Huang Jianyuan, president of Shender expressed that GBE2014 attracted more international buyers compared with last year, and international market recovery contributed to industry progress. Below are the domestic and overseas exhibitors who are supporting GBE all the time:Representative of Chinese brand: Shender, Rasson, Fury etc. International representative companies:Predator Group – USA Peradon-UKLongoni Cues - Italy Billplex co., Ltd-KoreaBillking Billiards - Korea Hainsworth Cloth - UKDynamic Billiard---Germany Palko Pty Ltd-AustraliaHainsworth- UK Wiraka-SingaporeMcDermott Cue MFG LLC?USA?Iwan Simonis S.A./Saluc S.A. - Belgium WSP Textiles Ltd(Strachan 6811) – UKBall Teck Korea(Hanbatt Co., LTD.) - KoreaBachmann Kunststoff Technologien GmbH-Germany Some regular exhibitors have already confirmed their booth for GBE2015 including Wirika, Meilin, Geli, Lijian and so on. Of course, GBE2015 always attract some new exhibitors like CYCLOP Pool Balls. And Cue and Case(Lucasi) is considering the location of its booth, either. It’s believed that GBE2015 will be much stronger than ever. As a newly market in billiard industry, China, is the most potential market for you to tap into. GBE2015 provides a perfect platform for you to follow the billiard trend in China even the world and communicate with other insiders. Meet you at GBE2015! More information, please contact Kris at or go the website: Tel:+86 20 29188711 Cell:+86 15920369531

started by: Simeon1 · last update: 1411487768 · posted: 1411487768

Where do they play the Sevens matches?

started by: colahuang · last update: 1410945866 · posted: 1410794549

Hello guys. I'm Cola Huang from China. Right now I want to share a piece of exhibition news with you all. There will be an exhibition and game and amusement exhibition from 2015.3.28 to 2015.3.30 in  Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Center, Guangzhou, China. Many famous brands attended CIAE2014 such as Golden Dragon, Game Plus, SHANZHIFU, Shun Pu, Onstar, Zamperla, Hankook Leisurei, Zierer, Golden Horse, Sanderson Group, OKE Design Aogroup, Dalang, SkySea, etc, and more than450 kinds of new innovations were displayed on the show. CIAE2014 was crowned with success with12.5 thousand visitors including 4100 international buyers and the overall intent turnover are more than 2.2 billion yuan.    CIAE2015, with 22,000 sqm is expected to attract more top suppliers from all over the world and their newest products.CIAE2015, with high quality buyers, huge potential market, brands effects and global publicity, will be the best business platforms you are worth attending!

started by: Robson&Jerome1 · last update: 1407265020 · posted: 1406310857

is there a outward bound group anywhere in Hong kong that arranges trips and camping breaks and teaches bushcraft? Failing that are there dedicated camp-sites?

started by: Mrs Patience · last update: 1401206488 · posted: 1400772326

Is there any professional soccer to watch in Hong Kong?

started by: Mrs Patience · last update: 1396971300 · posted: 1396881115

On Saturday we stumbled across an enormous pillow fight in the streets! Did anyone here take part?  Does this happen annually? 

started by: Deabret · last update: 1396520361 · posted: 1396291852

Any one know of a pilates instructor in the Kowloon area of HK?

started by: Ernest-903616 · last update: 1396362444 · posted: 1395366968

Great win for Hong Kong tonight against Bangladesh! Glad I stayed up for the end.

started by: Deabret · last update: 1396291820 · posted: 1395685054

Anywhere to get a tennis racquet re-strung in Hong Kong?

started by: Ernest-903616 · last update: 1396022942 · posted: 1395861113

This may have been asked before as I have a vague recollection of a website, but are there any gun clubs in Hong Kong?

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