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BritCham - Workforce of the Future: How and Where to Attract Global Talent

from Apr 26th 2017 to Apr 26th 2017


Breakfast Briefings

Ageing populations, technological advancement and global economic realignment are a few of the many factors currently shaping the business landscape. To improve workforce productivity and stay competitive in today’s challenging marketplace, it is necessary to strategically strengthen human capital. Top talent today is scattered across the globe, no longer concentrated in traditional education hubs of the UK and US, as the quality and availability of education rises in regions such as Asia and Latin America.

Accessing and investing in new university graduates has grown increasingly nuanced and complex, and what has emerged is a race for skilled and engaged workers. Corporates globally have begun implementing innovative mechanisms to locate and engage with new graduates.  However, only when human resource managers link student mobility, national education policies and skills acquisition trends, can they create evidence-based recruitment strategies that are efficient, streamlined, and impactful.

Education Intelligence, a specialist research team at the British Council, will present data and on-the-ground insights on the global driving forces that pinpoint what students are learning, the skills they gain, and how that influences the talent available to corporations. Among the highlights are where talented youth are from and where they are going, the direct impact of government policy on graduate opportunities, how technology is shaping how people learn and work, and the impact of shifting global economic power on graduate career trajectories.

26th April 2017 from 08:00 -09:15


Victoria Suite, The Hong Kong Club, 1 Jackson Road, Central.

Reservations in advance are required - see the website.