Animal Organizations in Buenos Aires

Information on animal organizations in Buenos Aires...

The Argentinian Association for Animal Protection (Sociedad Argentina Protectora de Animales) is a non-profit organization destined to inform people about the welfare of animals and provide help where needed. Services offered include teaching and promoting ways of protecting stray or abandoned animals, legal counseling and a veterinary service. (Most websites in Spanish only.)

Project 4 Paws (Proyecto 4 Patas) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of animals' rights. Work is based on raising consciousness against animal abandonment and mistreatment, as well as promoting sterilization as the only ethical method for controlling animal reproduction in the city.

APEMA (Acción para erradicar el maltrato anima), an acronym for "Action to eradicate animal mistreatment", is a non-profit organization dedicated to coordinating sterilization campaigns in areas where there is a high population of dogs and cats, as well as promoting the importance of sterilization as the only effective and humane method of preventing the abandoning and killing of pets.

Pet Network (Red Mascotera) is an online group of animal lovers dedicated to assisting pet owners who have lost or found an animal. Amongst other services, this organization has a pet registration system for lost and found animals. Animals registered are given a registration number and a metal number tag to attach to their collar.

FUNDACO (Fundación para la Defensa y Control del Animal Comunitario) is an organization founded by people who believe that each living being is valuable, unique and therefore must be treated with respect. The organization was created to work actively in the ethical control of abandoned dogs and cats.