Buenos Aires Disability Certificate

Information on applying for the Disability Certificate in Buenos Aires; where to go and what to do…

The Disability Certificate (Certificado de Discapacidad) is a document issued by the Ministry of Health, which allows the holder to receive a number of rights and benefits, as stated in National Laws 22,431 and 24,901.

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Getting a disability certificate

The Disability Certificate is free of charge and is issued to holders of the National Identity Document - DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad). The certificate can be obtained from the National Rehabilitation Service (Servicio Nacional de Rehabilitación) or from municipal hospitals depending on the place of residence. It is advisable to contact the local municipal office for further information.

The application form must be completed and signed by the person applying for the certificate or their legal representative. To apply for a Disability Certificate the appropriate hospital (according to the disability) should be contacted to arrange an assessment. Each hospital has its own specific requirements for this procedure.

  • For further details or enquiries, contact the Buenos Aires citizen helpline, Tel: 147
  • To download a guide for people with disabilities: Click here (in Spanish)

Hospitals in Buenos Aires

The following hospitals should be contacted to apply for the Disability Certificate, depending on the nature of the disability.

  • Hospital de Rehabilitación M. Rocca (motor disability)
    At: Av. Segurola 1949, Flores, C1407AOM Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4630-4700 / 4800
  • Instituto de Rehabilitación Pscicofísica
    : Av. Echeverria 955, Belgrano, C1428DQG Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4781-6071/72/73/74
  • Hospital de Agudos JA Penna
    : Av. Peter Chutro 3380, Parque Patricios, C1437JLR Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4912-1085
  • Hospital General de Agudos P. Piñeiro
    : Av. Varela 1301, Flores, C1406ELA Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4631-8100 / 0526
  • Hospital de Oftalmología Santa Lucía (visual impairment)
    : Av. San Juan 2021, San Cristobal, C1232AAC Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4127-3100 / (011) 4941-5555
  • Hospital de Emergencias Psiquiátricas Torcuato de Alvear (mental disability)
    At: Av. Warnes 2630, Agronomy, C1427DPS Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4521-0273 / 0090 / 0983
  • Hospital de Rehabilitación M. Rocca (sensory impairments)
    At: Av. Segurola 1949, Flores, C1407AOM Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4630-4700 / 4800