Buenos Aires Administration Offices

Contact details for the local administration offices in Buenos Aires; the places to go for residency permits, driving licenses and registering a birth, death or marriage...

The city of Buenos Aires is located in the Province of Buenos Aires, whose capital is La Plata city.

Broadly speaking, the city of Buenos Aires includes both:

  • Buenos Aires City - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - CABA
  • Greater Buenos Aires (Gran Buenos Aires): made up of 30 municipalities, divided geographically by a highway (Av. General Paz) that circles most of Buenos Aires City, and by the river known as Riachuelo

Administrative procedures are carried out at national, provincial or municipal offices, depending on the nature of the procedure to be carried out. For most procedures, the person's address is the starting point to establish whether a given procedure must be done at Buenos Aires City offices or at offices in Greater Buenos Aires.

  • To find a local municipal office in Greater Buenos Aires: Click here and select the dark red area of the map

Buenos Aires City and Province

The Government of Buenos Aires City (Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) website (in Spanish), outlining administrative procedures for residents. These may include driving license applications and renewals, building permits, local taxes and transfer of vehicle ownership.

  • For further information: Click here (in Spanish)
  • For information on administrative procedures in Buenos Aires Province: Click here (in Spanish)

There is also a citizen helpline for residents of Buenos Aires, where it is possible to make an appointment with municipal offices or request information on administrative procedures.

  • Citizen helpline Tel: 147
  • For information on the services provided: Click here (in Spanish)

Registry offices

The registry office (Registro Civil) is responsible for registering births, deaths and marriages. It is also responsible for issuing the National Identity Document (DNI) and the Certificado de domicilio. The Certificado de domicilio is a proof of address and although not obligatory, may be required for some administrative procedures.


The National Identity Document (DNI) must be obtained from the registry office in the applicant's place of residence.

Buenos Aires city residents can also obtain their DNI at the Centros de Gestión y Participación. Those residing in Greater Buenos Aires can make their application at the Centros de Documentación Rápida.

  • To find the relevant local office and opening times: Click here
  • For information specific to foreign residents on getting a DNI: Click here (in Spanish)
  • Tax Offices

    National taxes, for example tax on income, are collected by the Public Revenue Agency - AFIP. There are also a number of local taxes which in Buenos Aires Province are collected by the Agencia de Recaudación de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (ARBA).

    • ARBA
      Tel: (011) 0800-321-2722, from 07:00-19:00
      Open: Monday to Friday from 08:00-15:00
    • To find the nearest ARBA office: Click here (in Spanish)