Ferries in Buenos Aires

Information on the local and international ferry services available to and from Buenos Aires...

Buenos Aires is bordered in the east by the Plate River (Río de la Plata) which is about 70 Km long. There are several privately owned ferry services that cover local and international routes.

Ferries in Buenos Aires City / North Great Buenos Aires

Proa Urbana (in Spanish) is a privately owned charter service, which connects Buenos Aires port with the northern suburbs of Great Buenos Aires, up to the city of Tigre.

It runs from Monday to Fridays only.

Bicycles can be taken on board, but pets are not allowed.


Tigre city in the north of Great Buenos Aires is on the Paraná Delta, where hundreds of small islands are served by several boat services.

Most boats start from the Estación Fluvial de Tigre, where there are ticket offices. Each boat company covers a set route along the different rivers.

Taxi boats and small boats can be hired at Estación Fluvial de Tigre and alongside rivers.

International Ferries

Buenos Aires Port (Puerto de Buenos Aires) is a hub for many shipping services which connect Argentina to the rest of the world.

Ferries between Buenos Aires and Uruguay include: