Bus Services in Buenos Aires

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus services for Buenos Aires, find out about fares and where to buy a ticket...

Buenos Aires has an extensive and complete public transport network, which includes busses, taxis, trains and subways.

There are two types of bus service: local and long distance. The Argentinian government website (in Spanish) has useful information on bus travel in Argentina.

City Busses (colectivos)

There are more than 190 bus routes covering the city and suburbs of Buenos Aires. Each route is differentiated by its color and a number on the front of the bus. There is a bus approximately every ten minutes throughout the day, but the bus service is reduced after midnight.

The OmniLíneas website allows a search for city busses in Buenos Aires: Click here to use the map to search for bus routes and numbers.

Some routes have a special service called Diferencial, which makes fewer stops en route. All passengers have seats, but the fare is double that of the regular service. These busses usually have air conditioning as well.


Fares are cheap and tickets are bought on the bus from a machine behind the driver. The machine only accepts coins, and can provide change in coins as well. The fare paid with this system is double that paid when using the SUBE card.


Fares can be paid with SUBE card, a top-up card used for traveling by train, bus, or metro inside the city. The card can be bought, collected and loaded in a variety of different places. A list of purchase locations can be found on the SUBE website. In addtition, SUBE can also be used to pay at tollbooths in Buenos Aires' Northern and Western Highways.

Wheelchair access

Some busses have a platform which can be lowered for wheelchair access. These busses are clearly marked.

With the exception of guide dogs, animals are not allowed on busses.

There are a number of useful resources providing information about Buenos Aires city busses (in Spanish):

  • The book, Guía "T", Capital Federal y Gran Buenos Aires, can be purchased at newsstands and has maps and explanations about using the bus network
  • ComoViajo has maps and shows the most efficient transport combinations to a given destination (busses, trains and subways)
  • Colectivos de Buenos Aires has information about bus itineraries, timetables and fares in Buenos Aires
  • Xcolectivo has information about trains, busses, coaches, subways and air travel

Long Distance Busses (micros or omnibuses)

More than 100 companies offer long distance services across Argentina, and to neighboring countries.

Most coaches are modern and well-equipped, and offer passengers a choice of services: for example, partially or fully (flat-bed) reclining seats, dinner on board, hostess service, and express travel.

The main bus station is in Retiro, which is near three main railway stations.

  • Retiro Bus Station
    : Av. Antártida Argentina y calle 10, Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4310–0700


Tickets can be obtained at the Retiro bus station, at travel agencies, or online from Platforma 10 and Retiro (both websites in Spanish).


Animals are not allowed on long distance busses.