Trains and Subway in Buenos Aires

Information on getting around Buenos Aires using the train and subway transport network...

Buenos Aires is the hub for six different railway lines, for both city and long distance travel. Lines are run by private companies and cover the north, south, and west of Buenos Aires, and other destinations in Argentina.

Information on long distance rail travel can be found on the Argentinian government website (in Spanish).


Fares can be paid with SUBE card, a top-up card used for traveling by train, bus, or metro inside the city. The card can be bought, collected and loaded in a variety of different places. A list of purchase locations can be found on the SUBE website.

Buenos Aires City Trains

Tickets are sold at stations, and both notes and coins are accepted. Some lines use pre-paid cards as well.

  • For a map of the Buenos Aires railway system: Click here and then scroll down to Tren (Capital Federal y Gran Buenos Aires)


Línea General Miter - operated by Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA). This line covers Buenos Aires north and nine municipalities in the suburbs. Platforms have wheelchair access.

Three branch lines connect the following main stations:

  • Retiro - Tigre
  • Retiro - Bartolomé Miter
  • Retiro - José León Suárez

Línea Belgrano Norte - operated by Ferrovías. The service covers Buenos Aires north and several municipalities in the suburbs, connecting Retiro to Villa Rosa. There is no easy access for wheelchairs.

Línea San Martín - operated by Ugofe. One branch connects Retiro to Pilar. There is no easy access for wheelchairs.

Línea General Urquiza - operated by Metrovías. This line runs between Federico Lacroze and General Lemos. Platforms have wheelchair access.b

  • For a map of the network: Click here, then select User Services, then Maps, and finally Urquiza Railroad Map

Tren de la Costa is a tourist-oriented line that runs alongside the River Plate between Maipú and Tigre stations. Ramps for wheelchairs can be put out on request.


Línea General Roca - operated by Ugofe. This rail line has a number of different branch lines connecting the following main stations:

  • Plaza Constitución - Avellaneda - La Plata
  • Plaza Constitución - Avellaneda - Temperley - Cañuelas
  • Plaza Constitución - Avellaneda - Temperley - Alejandro Korn
  • Plaza Constitución - Avellaneda - Berazategui - Bosques - Temperley - Plaza Constitución
  • Temperley - Bosques


Línea General Sarmiento - operated by Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA). The main stations connected by this line are:

  • Once - Moreno
  • Merlo - Lobos
  • Moreno - Mercedes

The Línea Puerto Madero, operated by Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA), runs from Castelar to Puerto Madero. This service has several additional features for passenger comfort: seating for all passengers, air conditioning, heating, background music, and morning newspapers. Platforms have wheelchair access.

South and southwest

Línea Belgrano Sur - operated by Ugofe, this line has four branches, covering the south and southwest of Buenos Aires and several municipalities. These are:

  • Estación Buenos Aires - Aldo Bonzi - Marinos de Belgrano
  • Estación Buenos Aires - González Catán
  • Estación Puente Alsina - Aldo Bonzi
  • Estación Temperley - Haedo

It should be noted that access is not easy for wheelchairs.

Long Distance Trains

There are several railway lines that service Argentina, and most have one of their main stations in Buenos Aires.

  • For more information on the rail network: Click here (in Spanish)


Ferrocentral operates lines to Tucumán (Tucumán Province) and Córdoba (Córdoba Province) from Buenos Aires. The main station is in Retiro. Tickets are sold at the station and can be purchased up to 90 days in advance.

Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA) operates a line from Buenos Aires to Rosario (Santa Fé Province). The main station is in Retiro where tickets are sold.

Trenes del Litoral provides a rail link from Buenos Aires to Posadas (Misiones Province). The main station is Federico Lacroze where tickets are sold.


Ferrobaires has a line from Buenos Aires to Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires Province). The main station is Constitución. Tickets are sold at Constitución, Once and Retiro stations.

North / West

Ferrobaires has a line from Buenos Aires to Junín (Buenos Aires Province). This line departs from Retiro station (Línea General San Martín), where tickets are sold.

The rail line to Realicó (Buenos Aires Province) departs from the Once station; tickets are sold at Once, Constitución and Retiro stations.

Trains to Uruguay

The Tren Binacional Argentina Uruguay is a service combining bus transfers from different locations in Buenos Aires city and its suburbs, and taking passengers to Pilar railway station in the north of Greater Buenos Aires. At Pilar a train crosses over to Uruguay and its route ends at Paso de los Toros station.

Subway and Premetro

The subway (subte) system, which has six lines, covers a large part of Buenos Aires city.

  • For more information including maps, timetable and services: Click here


Tickets can be bought at every station. Users can purchase one-ride magnetic cards at a fixed price to travel on the subte. It is advisable to purchase a number of tickets at a time if traveling frequently on the network, as there can be lengthy queues at peak times to purchase these from ticket counters.

Subte lines generally run from 05:00 until 23:00 from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and public holidays, service is reduced and operates from around 08:00 until 22:30.

  • For a timetable of the subte: Click here (in Spanish)

Another option for frequent travelers is to purchase a rechargeable card, Monedero. These cards can be purchased from Monedero centers and from the addresses listed here.

  • For further information on tickets and passes from Metrovías: Click here


The Premetro is a tramline that runs in the open air on the city's streets. It was first built by the company operating Buenos Aires' subway, and the two existing Premetro lines connect with two head stations of the subway lines.

The Premetro's head station, Intendente Saguier for both lines, is connected with the Plaza de los Virreyes station of subways' Line E; the head stations at the other end are Centro Cívico in the neighborhood of Lugano 1, and General Savio in the neighborhood of Lugano 2. The journey on both lines takes approximately 25 minutes between head stations.

Passengers who transfer from the subway to the Premetro do not have to pay for the Premetro; those traveling in the opposite direction, can choose between paying for the Premetro ride only, or one that includes the subway as well.