Child Care and Pre-school Education

Understand the choices you have for childcare and pre-school education in Argentina...

Nannies and au pairs

Nannies (niñeras) and au pairs are found either through word of mouth or through a recognized agency that places nannies who have child care and basic first-aid qualifications. Nanny agencies can be found online.

There is no labor law which directly governs the employment of nannies, but the same minimum wage and social security rules apply as to the employment of domestic help, for example.

Babysitting services can be found through agencies, advertisements and word-of-mouth.

Pre-school education

While attendance at school is compulsory in Argentina from the age of five, pre-school education may begin at 45 days old. It is completed when a child turns six years old and is enrolled in primary school.

There are two levels in pre-school:

  1. Jardín Maternal – from 45 days old to three years old.
  2. Jardín de Infantes – from three to six years old. The final compulsory year of pre-school prepares a child for entry into the national education system.

Further information on pre-school education is available on the Ministry of Education website: Click here (in Spanish).