Local Registration of a Foreign Marriage Certificate

Information on the validity of foreign marriages in Argentina, with details about registering a foreign marriage certificate...

Although not required by local law, couples who have married outside of Argentina and are planning to live for a time in the country are well advised to register their marriage certificate at the Civil Registry Office corresponding to their domicile in Argentina. This allows them to prove their marriage without the need to procure additional official copies of their marriage certificate abroad.

Application for such registration must be filed with a court, which examines the validity of the marriage (according to the circumstances discussed below) and of the certificate. It is a fairly simple procedure; usually, the complications that might arise (not insurmountable) are related to the need for enhanced evidence in certain cases (for example, a religious marriage considered valid in the country where the marriage was celebrated).

When a Foreign Marriage will not be Recognized

A foreign marriage will be considered invalid if:

  • One of the parties is a lineal ancestor or descendant of the other
  • The parties are full or half-blood siblings
  • The parties are related by affinity in the direct line (this means that a person cannot marry an ancestor or descendant of his deceased spouse-or of a former spouse, in case of divorce)
  • When as a result of full adoption either of the parties is placed in any of the situations described above; in case of simple adoption (and while it is not annulled or revoked), when the parties to the marriage are adopter and adopted, adopter and lineal descendant or spouse of the adopted, adopted and spouse of the adopter, adopted children of a same person, and adopted and children of the adopter-the distinction between full and simple adoption is not relevant for this analysis, but let us say for the sake of illustration that simple adoption is a status whereby the adopted child retains some legal bonds with his parents,
  • One of both of the parties are already married to another person, and as long as that prior marriage remains valid
  • One of the parties has committed as author, accomplice or instigator, the wilful homicide of the other party's deceased spouse
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