The Marriage Ceremony

Understand what's involved in the marriage ceremony and the types of wedding which can take place in Argentina...

The marriage ceremony takes place at the Civil Registry Office, at the scheduled time. Marriages may only take place during opening hours of the Civil Registry Office; offices are generally open from Monday to Friday.

Two witnesses over the age of 18 must be present. As procedures for getting married vary according to provincial regulations check with the local Civil Registry Office for details on who may be a witness.

For example, when marrying in Buenos Aires City, two witnesses domiciled in the city of Buenos Aires must be present. The witnesses must provide identification documents and be able to understand Spanish. Up to four additional witnesses - who need not be domiciled in the city of Buenos Aires - may also be present (although at a charge per each additional witness).

If any of the members of the couple does not understand Spanish, he or she is legally required to be assisted by a locally chartered translator, and this fact should be attested in the marriage entry.

A marriage certificate (partida de matrimonio) will be issued, and additional copies can be applied for by request at the Civil Registry Office for a fee. In the city of Buenos Aires, the request can be done also online; however, the copy requested must always be withdrawn at the Civil Registry Office. An additional copy will be required if applying for permanent residence following the marriage.

Couples also receive a marriage booklet (Libreta de Familia), which is an official record of the marriage, and will include subsequent events including births, deaths, divorce or name changes.


After the marriage, the wife can add to her surname her husband's, with the preposition "de" in between.

In the case of same-sex marriages, it shall be optional for each spouse to add to his or her surname his or her spouse's, with the preposition "de" in between.

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